Friday, July 5, 2013

My top 3 presentors of the 2nd Creative Summit

Before a song is loved by music fans, before a furniture is considered beautiful, before a house becomes an architectural feat, before a common piece of work becomes an art, there is creative process.

This year's theme for the Creative Industries Summit revolved around that premise - the process behind the art. This is because most people, particularly customers, don't see this. A client would ask you to make him a commercial jingle and you'd ask for a fee and he'd reply saying it's expensive for a 30 second song. And so the songwriter explains that putting someone else's idea into a song under constraints such as limited words and suggested phrases is a creative process. God knows how long it takes until the songwriter gets it right. But the client insists that it should still be paid based on the length of the song. And so the argument went on and the songwriter and the business person got lost in the conversation.

I am listing my personal top 3 speakers of the 2nd Cebu Creative Industries Summit based on how close they have adhered to the topic on creative process (or at least the components of it - ideas, research, intellects, and arguments).

My no. 3 is a tie between Reese Ruiz-Fernandez and PJ Ong. Both did a fair attempt to explain how their creative juices transcend from an idea to a tangible product.

Reese Ruiz-Fernandez
Reese in her philosophical mode. Her story was an inspiring revelation of her passion to help the poor through entrepreneurship and continuous learning.  Photo courtesy of DTI-7. Used with permission.
PJ Ong
PJ shared his piece by identifying his sources of inspiration and the challenges he encountered when working with projects for clients. This slide suggests that data is important. Photo courtesy of DTI-7. Used with permission.
No. 2 is Dr. Joe Adam Fry
Dr. Joe Adam Fry talked about how a remarkable product is created between creative and  non-creative people openly collaborating. He also mentioned about the importance of sufficient data to work with. Very Google wouldn't you say? Photo courtesy of DTI-7. Used with permission.
My top 1 is again a tie between Kenneth Cobonpue and Insoy Niñal.

Kenneth Cobonpue
This is how a Cobonpue is weaved. Kenneth Cobonpue revealed the inspirations behind the varied stories of his impressive masterpieces.Photo courtesy of DTI-7. Used with permission.
Insoy Niñal
Insoy Niñal encouraged local language as a very strong component in the songwriting process and strongly expressed his view on the misconstrued meaning of the term "globalization". You may read his entire talk here. Photo courtesy of DTI-7. Use with permission.

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