Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Creative Industries Summit in Cebu

I just got a number of photo document summary from the 1st Creative Industries Summit captioned by DTI-Cebu Provincial Office Hope Melgar.  The event was held in Cebu City Sports Complex in Cebu Business Park on June 21, 2011.

Photos courtesy of DTI Cebu.
Creative Cebu Council VP and ARTIST KO Chairman Ian Zafra delivering the Invocation (a Cebuano poem prayer written by Maam Linda Alburo) with guitar accompaniment by Gumer Entero Jr. of the ARTIST KO Cebu - Artists & Musicians Marketing Cooperative

Council President Zen Pastoriza speaking on the topic: Creative Cebu and the Creative Cebu Council
Council President Zen Pastoriza, Council Treasurer Buck Sia, DTI-Cebu Provincial Director Nelia Navarro, and Trustee Bien Fernandez., Jr. lounge on the centerstage sofa as they watch the video on Creative Cebu.  Shown on-screen is Maam Linda Alburo being interviewed on her thoughts about the Literary Arts sector in Cebu
Council President Pastoriza expounding on the value of creativity as the economic spark for Cebu, and introducing the Creative Cebu video put together by Campaigns Cebu
President Zen Pastoriza and Treasurer Buck Sia raffle off limited edition Creative Cebu T-shirts for the lucky members in the audience.

Left to Right:  Buck Sia (Treasurer, Creative Cebu Council), Lorenzo Templonuevo (Master of Ceremonies & Moderator of the Summit, and Knowledge Management Specialist, GIZ-SMEDSEP), Marivic Aguilar (DTI-Cebu), Miriam Bacalso (Senior Regional Coordinator for Central Visayas, GIZ), DTI-Cebu PD Nelia Navarro, CBM 2011 Chairman Nonoy Espeleta, Arkeofilms co-founder and resident producer/director Joel Ruiz (Summit speaker), Hope Melgar (DTI-Cebu), Zen Pastoriza (President, Creative Cebu Council)
Council Trustee Bien Fernandez Jr. poses with CCCI President Consul Sammy Chioson, former CCCI President Joe Ng, CBM Promo & Publicity Chairperson Lilu Alino, and some Summit participants

Joel Ruiz and the CAMP-Cebu team

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