Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to download Bethany's new single "Can't Say"

Here's how CARTONATA works.  After buying a shirt from Bethany (design below), ask for the CARTONATA code card.  It contains a unique code and instructions on how to get the band's music free.  Actually you'll get 2 songs, not just one.

It should say something like this:

Go to and type in the code (no buttons here so think like an Apple user).

Make sure you type it correctly.   You only get to use the code once.  Type in the code and press enter.
Then the system will ask for your email address.  Type in your email and press enter.

Then check your email.  Bethany's music should be delivered to your inbox (right click on image below and open new tab to view email  delivery sample).  Check your spam folder also just in case.

Voila!!! You GOT music. Yoohoooo!
You might want to check out music merch from Happy Days and Deanery, as well as bonus track from LA band Hellogoodbye also.

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