Monday, April 11, 2011

The first CARTONATA artist

I  was supposed to play 3 gigs with The Camerawalls one fine weekend in Feb.  The first was on the 11th at the Mellow Mangrove in Iloilo, the 2nd was in San Beda College on the 12th with Pupil, and 3rd was slated in Muntinlupa Bilibid on the 13th.  The 2nd was canceled the last minute and the 3rd never got confirmed.

I could've decided on changing my flight schedule and head back to Cebu.  But there are just things I felt I can't explain and at that time and my intuition hinted otherwise.

Talk about blessings in disguise, that accidental trip happened for a reason.

I spent that weekend in Lilystars Records headquarters in P. Tuazon st., Cubao.  Clem and I talked and he pitched in the idea of releasing Hellogoodbye's "Would It Kill You" album in the Philippines.

To make the long story short, Lilystars launched Hellogoodbye's CD on Apr2 in Route196 including a bonus track called 'Not Ever Coming Home'.  The song is exclusively available for Philippines release at CARTONATA.

Pre-recorded video of Hellogoodbye for the "Would It Kill You?" album launch in Route 196 on April2.

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