Friday, February 4, 2011

Tapping music in the IT industry

Since the conception of Artist Ko, I already had the intention of tapping into the IT industry for digital music distribution.  In the process of doing, I had developed an idea on how it should happen and vividly it unfolded itself as months passed.

At first it was just a vision... then this opportunity came.

Recently I attended 2 meetups on Tech Talk and there I met Glenda Arreza, the managing director of UP Cebu-DOST TBI Program.  I was 15 minutes early, sat beside her (I didn't know who she was until we started talking), and after awhile, I realized that she's the political support I was looking for.

TBI stands for Technology Business Incubator.  And the program aims to nurture technology-based start-ups by giving them the knowledge and skills to succeed.  I mentioned that I have one.  Divine intervention perhaps?

So the day after, my business partner and I went to her office and discussed more about this project idea. She gave us the application requirements. We exchanged emails. The TBI steering committee requested additional information and asked for clarifications.  Three days later, our business proposal got approved.

Today is our kick-off date.  My partner and I will be attending free seminars to make this business idea work.  We'll also enjoy a one-on-one consultation with experienced entrepreneurs.

My vision is slowly shaping up. This will be an exciting time for the music scene.


Vernon Go said...

congratulations on the acceptance in the TBI :D

Ian Zafra said...

thank you bai Vernon

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