Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was charged recently with a penalty for not being able to pay for my bills last December.  So I checked my e-statement records and didn't find any notification sent to my email at all.

First off, I've subscribed to HSBC's e-statement system because it's supposed to notify your customers (I'm one of them) of the next scheduled billing statement.  Usually the bill would be available within 24 hours from the notification date.  Well last December I didn't get any.

While it is fairly correct to say that I could've mindfully kept track of the billing cycle and voluntarily logged in to the system myself to verify.  But then that defeats the purpose of this automated system, doesn't it?

So yes I was charged and I sent you an email about this concern.  A representative responded and I replied back detailing the issue.  Then a rep from your collections department called to clarify further.

I appreciate the effort you've made.  I really do.  However, I think HSBC still has a lot of stuff to improve.  So I though I'd list them down below:

  1. HSBC has 3 customer service numbers.  What's frustrating is that these numbers work exclusively for different telecom networks.  For example the toll-free 1-800 is exclusive for PLDT subscribers only.  I'm pretty sure there's a corporate reason behind this but you could've built stronger loyalty from customers by just having one that efficiently works for all.  HSBC is an international company.  I'm sure you are capable of simplifying this for us.
  2. I always pay on time. But I had past experience with HSBC sending me notifications for an overdue payment.  And you've always been punctual and assertive on this.  So if you are punctual on this task, what's keeping you from delivering an e-statement on time?
  3. You blocked my card upon knowing about this issue.  Why do you have to do that?
  4. You asked me to pay the minimum amount.  I refused because I do not wish to go to your paying station twice a month.  I got other more important things to do than resolving an issue that isn't mine.  So I decided to pay the whole amount.  My concern is not about the amount.  It's the principle of delivering it right and earning loyalty from customers like me.
  5. Your customer service and your collection department reps always made calls in the afternoons when I'm at my most busiest time of the day.  Please be sensitive about other people's time.  Call me in the evening, that time when I'm at my relaxed mood - when everything's getting cool metaphorically and literally speaking.

So dear HSBC, does your customer service really work?  Tell me.

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onlyvic said...

uh oh. tsk. my brother also has a similar prob but it was with Globe. my brother recently got the galaxy phone for a postpaid plan. and on his 1st month's bill i guess, he was charged for around 7k... 5k of which was for the internet usage. and my brother was surprised since he was using the wifi if he connects to internet and he has freebies for internet usage thru gprs for like 2 hrs i guess. then globe told him, his internet settings was not properly set so, he was actually connected thru his gprs the entire time being charegd for the overages. and my brother wasnt even informed about it when he got his phone. fortunately, after having the dispute, Globe waived off the fee since it was an honest mistake. and this time, my brother has to make sure that effin' internet settings has been turned off.

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