Friday, January 21, 2011

To compare is to kill your craft

Have you ever tried not comparing yourself with anyone?

I asked this because more often than not, we normally say ,"I want to be like (insert the name of the person you look up to here)".  But hey, you can't be like them.

You can't be like Imogen Heap.  You can't be like John Lennon.  You can't be like Oprah.  You can't be like Jay Leno.  You can't be like Ely Buendia.  You can't be like APO Hiking Society.  You can't be like Weezer.  You can't be like Morrissey.  You can't be like Ninoy Aquino.

They worked hard way ahead of you, sweat and tears and some even cost them their life... while you haven't yet.  Didn't you notice that when you compare yourself, there is also this feeling of dissatisfaction inside?  Because deep down you know you just can't be like them.  And then some even die doing it (not literally).

Think about it.

But hey, you can still be the best of what you can be.

Write your own story.  Dream your own drama.  Design your own art.  Build your own name.  How do you want people to know you?  Brand yourself.

Instead of saying ,"I want to be like (again insert the name of the person you look up to here)", try saying "I want to achieve the success level they've achieved."  It may be a steeper challenge but at least you can build your name and reputation much clearer this way.

Be your own you.  Don't compare.

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