Friday, January 21, 2011

Memorization supposedly made easy with SpellDial

We often ignore this but we call a friend by first scanning our phonebook starting with the first letter of the name.  For example my name.  And then we get sort down that list to find Ian Zafra.

That's simply because we're all identified by our names and not by our phone numbers.  It's easier to find McDonald's or Jollibee's delivery number by their brand names rather than the number itself.

Albert Padin invented SpellDial to do just that.

I RSVP'd weeks back for tech talk meet up seat in IT Park yesterday and was lucky to have met this 22 year old genius.  Well yes many websites similarly have this type of service such as Zyb.  But most of these sites only provide storage of names in your phonebook and that you have to type or sync in all the numbers from your phone.  Something more like importing data.  That's time consuming.

But what if one of your contacts lost their phone?  What if one of your friends is hiding from an ex-boyfriend and changed her number?  What if your friend added or changed network.

SpellDial's sales pitch empowers phone number owners to update their numbers themselves.  Effectively, if one of your contacts change numbers, assuming your contacts use this service, you can still contact them without you knowing the update.

The logic is very simple and the functionality is very easy to use.  It's a function of self-branding.

However, there are still areas for improvement.  One of which is the ability to acknowledge duplication of names.  For example, there could be several Ian Zafra's in the Philippines and in the world.  The system only recognizes the first to register that name (so I did mine soonest I got home).

Second area of improvement is that it can only work via an internet connection.  Your ordinary phone cannot avail of this (yet).  But if you an iPhone, you can type in my name, for example and call me even without knowing my number.  Just like how the Yellow Pages work.

This is could be helpful for businesses but this is also scary as you are somewhat publicized.

I can name several areas for improvement but these are I think the more important functions that should be prioritized.  Facebook did a good job on the exclusivity measures.

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