Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucifer is not a devil

Really.  He's not.  Or is 'she'?
Photo from Wikipedia: Lucifer (Le génie du mal) by Guillaume Geefs (Cathedral of St. Paul, Liège, Belgium)

The name Lucifer is an English derivative from the Latin words lucem ferre meaning the light-bearer.  Gary Zukav explains more.

In his book The Seat of the Soul, Lucifer's character was dissected as the "giver of light".  The fallen angel's purpose was meant as a challenger of souls, to help us in deciding choices between resistance (to temptation) and giving in to others' "power".

Souls as he defined them are illuminations of love in our inner being.  The amount of love we have and give is manifested by its brightness.  And because the soul's sole purpose is to love and only to love, the illumination it projects depends on every person's interaction with the physical.

In application, this means that if one was born, raised, and immersed in a community of bribery, deceit, lies, skepticism, and all other unfavorable events, the soul darkens.  The opposite is that if one's physical orientation to the world is moved with motivation and encouragement, the soul brightens.  Thus the term "enlightened".

Lucifer's role in our lives is therefore important.  At times when we feel seduced to do the things our conscience forbids us, the light-giver is actually at work allowing us to do the choosing between good and bad.  We get to choose between giving in or giving up.

In the musical words of Ursula, the Disney octo-maid seawitch , "Poor unfortunate souls... in pain, in need".

At the end of the day it's important to be cautious to choose and work with the right people.

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PALOT said...

Lucille means Light! hehe.. just sayin! :) nice one 'Yan!

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