Monday, December 27, 2010

It won't work

Who said so?

I heard it from a station manager whose radio program was supposed to promote original songs from local bands.  At that time, I was encouraging local bands to write and play original songs in gigs.  Today if you're a band in Cebu without original songs, you don't matter and you don't exist.  And guess what?  The radio station closed down.  Original music thrived.

My insurance agent discouraged me from investing in stock trading.  It's either she lost an investment in stock trading (which I doubt she even tried it once) or she just wants my money to fatten up her sales portfolio.  Show me your track record first before you tell me what to do.

A businessman who owns and runs a shop of Apple products told me my new idea won't work.  Just recently I presented the same idea to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Tourism (DOT) and they liked it so much they want to get me started quick.

Many times more often I hear skeptics say things I think they don't even know much about. I don't claim to know so much but at least I try to encourage instead.  If there's any new idea brought on the table, I'd ask questions.  Answers lead to more questions that lead better and clearer answers.

The next time you hear someone tell you it won't work, cover your ears, shut him up, and risk it.  I know for a fact that risk takers always learn and they always win.

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