Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ideas more becoming an important core of the new age

This statement is not new.  In fact, it's been in our lives for ages.  Ideas, even the bad ones, are the reason, if not the only reason why we continually thrive to exist.

If an idea is good, people talk and it spreads bringing other people in.  If an idea is bad, people still talk about it and wait... some would wait until a solution is out.  It's a vicious cycle. And it's wonderful.

Cebu on the other hand is relatively backward in terms of ideas for progress and developments.  Solutions to traffic are always directed to widening of roads instead of improving the public transport systems.  Architecture is unchallenged and boring.  And we have a culture of young English speaking wannabes impressing people with their broken twangs (I'm actually one of them but I'm not young).

My partial theory of this "stoneage" culture is this:

Between the 14th and 17th century, the Renaissance era, Europe produced the world's great philosophers, scientists, artists, and artisans giving birth to concepts on humanism, art, science, religion, and self-awareness.  The Catholic Church on the other hand was busy stopping this cultural movement from propagating.  Of all the countries in Europe, it was only in Spain that the Church succeeded, preventing people from presenting ideas - impeding them to think.

Translating how the Church's political influence and its insecurity impacted the world, countries colonized by Spain had no global recognition up until recently.  The Philippines was colonized in the 16th century.  We are in this roster.

But we can still change that.  We now know that ideas are valuable and therefore important.  Intellectual property is important too not only because it's obligatory to one's brand in business but because it protects the creation and gives the creator a reason to build a reputation around it.  Not many fully understands its value and merits.

To disclose and discuss an idea is one thing.  To put it into action is a totally different shift.  At this point in time, only a few can get it done.  And then fewer can make it through.  Certainly it won't be the cynics.

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