Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frantic Static : Cilee and her ch'i

I first met Cilee Kuizon, Undercover Grasshoppers' frontwoman and main songwriter, at Midweek Sessions in July 30, 2008.  She was with a band called Misnomer.  I only found them in MySpace while researching for new artists.

At the time I don't recall anything special in them yet.  The band name was a bit off and negative too somewhat.  At that time at least.

But if the band was a house and if I was to believe in Chinese superstition, I'd still say there was a fair amount of ch'i in there.  Except that Misnomer didn't take off and I haven't heard from them since then.

A year after, Cilee sent a text message saying she has a new band.  My personal hopper story began when they asked if I'd be interested to work with them for 2 songs.  Of course how could I say no?  So for several weeks I sat with them in rehearsals.  The rest of the story was a refreshing canvass of discoveries of new music for me.

On behalf of the community breathing in Cebu's music scene, I am very proud to announce the official debut of her new band.  The band that's getting a lot of good attention in the local circuit lately.  A band popularly known as Undercover Grasshoppers (UCGH).  Cilee's band.

This December, UCGH debuts in the local music scene as certified rock 'n' rollers with the release of their first singe 'Frantic Static'.  The track is a studio release, recorded at Backyard Project Studio, and will be available for sharing via SoundCloud and Facebook.

On a personal note, I had so much fun working with the Hoppers.  I learned so many new things.  It was an opportunity to apply old studio tricks.  I tried new ideas as well.

Drummer Vince Yap is one fine timekeeper.  Warner Sala knew what bass notes to play.  Ongkii Sayson, had some interesting ideas worth trying - maybe the rest in the next sessions.  And Cilee?  She's probably the most talked about personality in the music scene today.  Great talent.

Congratulations UCGH for a job well done.

To the fans, the release is Dec. 13 at 6AM at the ICO Music page.  Do share.

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