Friday, September 4, 2009

Thinkers doers

Liars know how to lie best without getting caught. They're good at making it sound so true and heartfelt. And they don't trust anyone.

Those that have a lot to hide think that others hide a lot too. What is there to hide anyway? You don't need to block off people. Simply say and reveal what is only required. Simply ask and more importantly, ask the right questions.

Skeptics will stay skeptic. And they'll have a hard time getting people to trust them. People will notice and things will be counterproductive instead.

Imperfections bear unique personalities that breathes in the things that we do. When someone fails to put his or her best foot forward, be thankful it happened. Because it means there's no reason not to like that better foot when it steps forward.

Give it a good chance. Forgive. And more importantly - forget.

Nothing is perfect so stop being one.

Stay as positive as you can. Frustrations happen and it's sometimes unbearable, yes. It takes a big soulful heart to trust that good things can be done to make things better rather than dwell in those that put you down.

Don't worry too much.

Be not afraid to lose... be more afraid of not being able to give. And there's nothing to lose when you trust more.

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