Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paok and his pattern design contest

Idle hours - it kills us by making us see the tiniest unimportant things. There's also the possibility that we bloat up any available issue we can find, make a big fuzz out of it, and do irrational thinking - all for the simple reason that we got nothing else to do and we feel "lost".

The sad thing is that for most of those who can't get hold of their time and feelings, frustrations pile up and emotions clutter, reaching to a point that could blow us and even the people around us to smithereens.

Okay I'm exaggerating a bit.

Some people, when they get bored, they sleep. Some would go watch a movie. Some would tweet and retweet. Some would facebook.

The list goes on and people would do just about anything to kill idle hours... in the hope of becoming "productive" somewhat. If you got loads of ideas in your head, you might just as well be one of those who might succeed.

Paok, one of our good buddies in Cebu's creative industry and the latest graphic artist designing for Midweek Sessions digital posters, is using up that seemingly unusable time wisely and came up with his first D.I.Y. project he calls Pattern Design Contest.

This should be interesting.

Confirm if you're interested and kill that boredom.

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