Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Undercover Grasshoppers and their Hoppers Union

I always admire people who bravely speak their minds and talk out ideas. Those who work on it and collaborate with people whom they believe could help them get started.

One band, a rock quartet composed of 3 lads and a lass who call themselves Undercover Grasshoppers fall in this category owning an ocean of thoughts to do. They just fascinate me.

First off, their music is eccentric at its most beautiful sense. Jaw dropping I must say.

After a few guestings in Midweek Sessions and some side projects, they asked me if I could produce a couple of their songs. Why not?

A month after a series of studio rehearsals, things expectedly started to fall in place. I have discovered more of UCGH than what could've just fancied my attention. UCGH is a band composed of young entrepreneurs. Apart from their amazing music and performance, they are also working on a band-owned business. Simply because they want to fund their music and keep the hobby "sustainable".

Their debut product? Check this out.

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