Sunday, August 30, 2009

Think BIG, start small : Sonic Boom

I had been to and played in numerous concerts - small to medium and sometimes if luck is on my side, large production setups. But there's nothing like what I've actually felt and witnessed in the recent Sonic Boom event in Manila.

Sheila and the Insects performed in Sonic Boom's 3rd year anniversary
. The feeling was electrifying and extra ordinary. All the bands were extra ordinary. A personal experience worth talking about for years to come. Can't wait for the videos to come out (I hope it does).

Phat Boy and his brainchild has proven more than enough to earn its respect from the once-skeptics like us. Sonic Boom has build its own culture and community of fans and people.

He is now slowly reaping the fruits of his hardwork and painful experiences in doing his best in delivering the best - learning, experimenting, relearning, reinventing, and innovating his craft. The result is a mastery of entrepreneurial skills in artist and events management.

He probably had more varied options than anyone in Cebu at the start of his career. He must have been equipped with the best tools for opportunities. He represented Urbandub. He coined the "sound of the south".

Phat Boy spent his 10,000 hours the right way.

All because one time he took a plunge. He thought big and started small. Years later, he came and emerged back victorious. A name once synonymous to "sound of the south" has come a long way. Phat Boy pulled it off.

My sincerest salutations and congratulations to a very successful Boom.

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