Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Independent's Day

What is independence?

How do you define it?

How important is it to be one?

Are you?

Communities grow not because people run it. It thrives because people share.

Independence comes when the act of sharing becomes voluntary. Something that is done not by approval or acceptance but by personal fulfillment.

Monetary success do not happen because of healthy capital investments. It builds because ideas, potentials, and possibilities were openly shared between people in an organization - unafraid of debates, disagreements, and premature conclusions. Every person involved knew that by challenging options, ideas evolve.

We all understand this don't we? But why do we always fail?

Ego? Pride? Fear? Ah the very essentials of failure. The very ingredients of seclusion.

People close their doors because they become afraid. Afraid to lose something. Afraid to get frustrated. Afraid of criticisms. Afraid of pain. To get past these, one must be able to understand the fruits of forgiveness.

But still people insist. People close their doors. They get scared of getting hurt. They get hurt because they despise change. These people don't want change. These people love the past as if the past is better than the present.

But hurt, weird as it may seem is part of becoming independent. Independence is the power to make decisions, the bravery to commit mistakes and admit them, and the heart to correct the wrong.

We all want independence. But not all can endure pain.

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