Saturday, May 16, 2009

My 'Ako Mismo' commitment...

Just a minute ago, I posted my contribution of faith to the Ako Mismo wall of commitments. As of this date, the number of pledges totaled 104,769.

Theoretically, getting in should be the same as getting out. And in the same way as how huge problems turn out to be from neglected micro issues, every good change starts from that too and more importantly from us.

Idealistic and impossible as it may seem to some, good change must happen and must start somewhere. I believe in this movement and I believe that the Philippines, despite its political circus, positive change is not impossible.

Ako mismo... nitu-o nga ang pagla-um sa atong nasud naa sa pagpadayon sa pagbuhat ug maayo ug sakto.

What's your commitment?

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