Monday, April 20, 2009

Why indies are most often better?

For a time, our country's film sector had been blaming the pirates for causing the critical slump of their industry, claiming that "new opportunities" had been threatened leading to a premature demise before it could even begin. And so clamors were heard in the dailies from the sector leaders.

Can't blame them. Who wouldn't? After all, when a house is burglarized, it is only but normal and valid to be very seriously concerned about it.

But why now? And what are these "new opportunities" they are talking about?

Because for a long time, Hollywood had been making amazing films year after year after year, while our country's film makers still take the inaapi format approach.

Because it's what sells?

While Hollywood had been making amazing films - from storytelling to technology innovations year after year after year, our country's film makers for a long time prefer the movie-premiere-promotion-approach where movie goers would say ,"Hindi ka pa rin kumukupas idol. Idol ka pa rin!"

Because it's what sells?

One time I was watching a movie in cable channel Cinema One. The scene was in a rice field. In this setting, farmers are supposed to be wearing thin cheap camison clothes for obvious reasons. In that movie, the mestizo/mestiza casts were wearing branded and expensive-looking shirts.

Because it's what sells?

Where is the professionalism in that?

And they blame the pirates for the slump?

I would understand if what the film industry was lobbying about refers to pirated foreign films in DVDs. Personally and not to belittle our race but I don't think the work of our Pinoy film producers deserve to be pirated at all (with a few exceptions). My point here is to establish a comparison of quality between film makers in other countries.

As a viewer and keen observer, unless Pinoy film producers start reeducating the "masa" and their actors/actresses dare not to take stereotype roles and other standard packaging (with some exceptions), they shouldn't be complaining. Oh oh... later we find that those same actors/actresses who can't even pitch the notes right release records.

Unlike Hollywood films where actors professionally immerse in the role becoming the character, our Pinoy actors/actresses play their names, not the characters (with some exceptions). Budget constraints? I don't think so.

Look around us. There are so many creative people these days. And because there are so many of them, indie film makers are slowly coming out like mushrooms. Quality movies are starting to find its audience again and content with substantial stories is what this country needs. But of course we also need daring leaders who can take the risk of getting criticized for doing what is right.

Artists are supposed to open little new perspectives. They come in smaller groups, clustered with other small creative communities residing as indies, underground, radicals, activists, or whatever tag that suits you. They can afford to dare because money is not their main concern. Yet.

For producers who have the capability and resources to experiment on new ideas may opt to decide whether to take that road less traveled and tap these smaller investments or dismiss it for fear of failure. Many for a long while, the bigger fish in the film sectors had failed to see and tap in this potent spring.

Persistence from the indies did wonders and the quality films they delivered are slowly changing our lives for the better. Truly there are only a few enlightened.

The music sector is trying to pave its way as well. Pray for us.

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StickySweetSounds said...

i totally agree with regarding the pinoy productions. but i must say hollywood's also producing a lotta crap too. just check out all the oscars winners in the past several years (both films and actors), majority of em are british, including the recent one, "slumdog millionaire" (which btw i reckon could be adapted into a pinoy movie, hehe). actually, i agree with jay leno years ago when he said, that american tv series' are more compelling to watch than the the films. needless to say, no film can be compared to such greats as The Sopranos, Six feet under, Lost, CSI, and many more. anyhoo, i just laugh whenever i hear that they always blame the pirates whenever there's a slump. i mean if they wanna curb piracy why dont they start by installing geniune windows software in all the pcs in govt. offices? and by asking all govt offcials and employees not to patronize fake goods (e.g. watches, clothes, bags, etc)
oh well.hava lovely summer m8

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