Sunday, April 12, 2009

Music marketing is "niche"

New business ideas can be scary and the marketing option these types would most likely land in is niche marketing. One good friend recently said that new ideas cannot sell. I beg to disagree.

New ideas sell if you are creative enough to find its market. It's not about how smart you are really. It's about how daring you are to succeed (or even fail).

Entrepreneurs are creative people (not always in the artistic sense) who can transform garbage into a treasure to an initial few. This creative ability can be applied to music.

If you are a musician in a rock 'n' roll band, stay close in working with the first 10 fans you have and keep them happy. Each of these 10 will soon give you another 10 and all of a sudden you get 100 fans in a day and then another 1000 the next day.

The next thing you know, that treasure becomes a trend.

Did I mention that I'm a sucker for wise quotes? While browsing webpages matching up an industry for a business I'm putting up, I found this - creativity leads to niches, and niches lead to riches.

Of course it doesn't always happen that way but the point is that small business ideas require community building. Hence it needs a niche. Music is communal. Its entrepreneurial platform shouldn't be any different. Music marketing is niche marketing.

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