Friday, April 10, 2009

A good song is a good design

When the brain starts thinking about resolutions and solutions, a great deal of it is spent on research and other geeky past times (most of it are intangible by the way).

The mind sort of brainstorms with itself.

Writing a good song is like reinventing and redesigning a widely accepted theory.

A good song is a good design when it's simple, timeless, thought provoking, may lead to problem solving, suggestive, and has a sense of symmetry. And funny as it may sound but a good song is one that seems to sound as if it's easy to write.

A good song exhibits a stamp of the present culture, community, language or slang, and breathes its own personality.

A good song is successful when people can relate to it... and this is not supposed to be confused with the term "masa".

A good song creates, strengthens, and recreates a culture cycle.

A good song inspires and moves people to do whatever they do best even better.

A good song is a design that is "tasteful".

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