Thursday, April 23, 2009

About culture building

Just when everybody starts believing that things don't work, there will always be a few who would dare to take the plunge and think the other way.

These few usually stand out. These few usually become the champions of a cause (not to be confused with ego here). These few, with enough endurance, determination, and the right healthy and positive attitude - not the kind that restricts people, usually win.

One of the major challenges in achieving success is when the goal involves changing a culture or lifestyle. Normally when a person is told what to do, resistance is usually the first response - but only when he or she doesn't see the value of it.

An idea, like music is only good when a large lump of people can benefit from it. That's when a culture starts building itself. But of course believing in it is important and must not be taken for granted.

Persistence is usually the right path to take. As to knowing when the results come may be a mystery, it is the waiting and the challenge that makes it exciting.

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