Monday, February 9, 2009

Just let me rant please?

I used to complain a lot about a lot of things a lot of times. Sam knows this. But lately, for the past couple of years, my tolerance improved.

My patience stretches longer these days. Long enough to merit a significant magnitude for space. Wide enough for me to better grasp a sound perspective over issues and concerns, leading me to conclude with bigger love over logic and petty crimes.

De minimis obligations that one can still live happily without.

Most often, my complaints are about services rendered by employees in the government, their unmindful attitude, in appropriate perception of their roles and responsibilities.

Public service.

Isn't this what they are employed for? Voted for? Trusted for? Check this out:

Case #1. After getting my SSS ID card, I discovered that my name was mispelled. So I went to the HR department for assistance, showed a strip of paper from an application form as evidence of a clearly spelled name - one alphabet per box provided. After a couple of weeks, I was advised to furnish a birth certificate from the City Health to ascertain that I am who I am and that my name is spelled as how I wanted it to be spelled.


Case #2. For months now, my parents' pension was delayed and therefore are having financial shortage. The GSIS office employee admitted that the documents got misplaced. So they had to file again.


Case #3. So I renewed my driver's license a week before my birthday. LTO's records revealed of a pending violation with the MMDA (I do remember this violation but I thought our ex-band manager took care of that - that's another story). I was advised to resolve this with MMDA first so they can proceed with my renewal. How on earth can't they not process this from Cebu? How? At this age of computers? What's worse is that that violation was supposed to be 4 years ago but their records had only been updated in August 2008.


No wonder we remain a developing country. We probably deserve that tag. But I don't want it and I don't believe we do deserve it.

Do you?

The services of our government offices will probably never change unless you start teaching good values at home today. To your children. To your friends. Siblings. What have you.

One step at a time.

It's not important that we don't get to live to savor the positively full changes that you probably started for our community in our community. What is more important to note is that change can start now if you decide to... through you and within you.

Ah... I still have my patience with me. And thank you for letting me rant.

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ANDOi said...

Finally somebody feels what I feel.

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