Monday, February 2, 2009

Facebook Is Like... Yahoo Is Like... And Google Is Like...

Ok... After ranting about Facebook, I'm still guilty of using it. I did say I don't hate it, didn't I?

From what I see on my screen, Facebook seems to be replicating what Yahoo was doing before. Only this time it's in social networking service format. I think Facebook is trying to be everything to everyone.

Yahoo for a significant time was a portal trying to be everything to everyone.

Yet Google is god.

Information you need delivered in seconds. Better than a prayer don't you think? Yahoo's search engine at one time was actually subscribed to Google... so essentially Yahoo was actually Google.

Google challenges itself and keeps on doing it. Constantly improving its service for better opportunities to users.

They introduced AdSense, that online advertising service that allow advertisers to share a cent chip of their profit while users resume doing what they're supposed to do - search, blog, search, chat, bookmark, search, rant, search, blog, etc...

Then they learned how to monetize from search boxes, feeds, and very soon videos.

Yes YouTubers will be empowered.

In fact it's in its testing stage in key countries as we speak. Maybe I'm even months late. YouTube, the biggest video repository in the planet will become another passive income stream.

How's that?

Such a beautiful entrepreneurial concept, isn't it? Who would've thought of an idea where an advertiser could share it's income to the market?

Google did.

Stay tuned.

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