Sunday, February 1, 2009

Facebook Is Good But...

First time I created my Facebook page, I thought it's just another social networking online service trying to make it big time. Perhaps I was right.

Today almost everyone I know has one.

But for the record:

1. I don't review invitations ending up in my "friends" list (except for the special people closest to my heart of course). I approve friend invitations because I was hoping to have some exchange of ideas and other interesting discussions. If you're up for it, let me know.

2. I can't seem to get the gist about the applications in this service. If Facebook wants us to download or install applications, it should be easy to do. It's attractive but not enough to convince me to waste my time. Ok, either I'm old and outdated or I'm just not into timewasting stuff.

3. I don't understand why people just had to go into the trouble of recommending friends to you. If this was a real acquaintance it would've been like this - "Hi bro this is my friend bra... will you two be friends?". I wonder what makes people think that we all want to be friends to their friends that we probably haven't heard of? I'm all for friendship and this friend recommendation procedure is probably harmless but I just don't get the point. No offense but I only approve direct requests.

I'm sorry.

I don't hate Facebook.

If it was meant for delivering opinions, sharing notes, sending invitations, exchanging ideas, messages (or even documentation), a little easy-to-use-digital-recreation on the side, maybe something that can generate passive income for users, or whatever benefit there is - all at a relatively minimal effort, then I'm all for it.

Other than that Facebook would've been another useless web service.


StickySweetSounds said...

nice insights m8
im gonna be hitting 40 this year, and yup i guess im getting too old for facebook too, though i have my page there for my band and yes i do accept friend requests from peeps i dont personally know (but hey my excuse is its for my band,hehe). anyhoo, just saw an episode of AOTS recently wherein they reported that accdg to the recent stats facebook is now the number 1 social networking site in the planet, though myspace is king in the usa, and friendster is king here in the phils (i presumed). i guess like the emo genre, its the "kids" who are really keen on making their presence felt in such sites, since theyre the ones who are techno-savvy so to speak.personally, i reckon multiply is more effective when it comes to cultivating online friendships (we met on multiply right? hehe), whilst myspace may be great as a promo tool for artists,friendster is just plain "baduy" now as a pal ponted out, facebook is just a lil too cute with its useless apps as u mentioned in yer blog,haha. so yeh, guess ill just leave it up for the kids to keep facebook up in the ratings scale:-)cheers and happy feb m8.

Ian Zafra said...

cheers bong :)

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