Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sheila And The Insects Is Probably Meant For A Good Cause

Okay... I must admit we probably sucked. I slipped my fingers through the strings more often than I should. Boobop played another chord and I couldn't play the right progression either (at least that's how I remembered after a dose of seemingly countless beers).

Bisoy was doing okay... no wait. He was fantastic.

But generally we all sucked... we didn't see this coming - so unprepared, rusty, and a little less confident. Nobody warned us anything about this. But the crowd made it a really good set.

Jai was it you who started giving the push on stage? But I couldn't blame you... there was rock 'n' roll running in our bloodstream that night.

Ok I said enough... and oh did I say we sucked?

So what?

Hell, it was probably one of the best Sheila and the Insects gigs ever...

Thank you very much for all those who believed in the band's music. I am so happy to know that SATI have inspired a lot of bands in this generation and may we inspire many many more bands for years to come.


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