Saturday, October 4, 2008

How Do You Rescue A Hero?


Good question. But that depends on who's asking. Answers definitely will vary - between comicbook fans, computer geeks maybe, TV couch potatoes, etc.

In my music book, a hero is defined by four young talented lads breathing fresh, beautiful, and melodic music down my ears.

Just a little backgrounder, this confident young kid named Markus went to one Midweek Session and handed me his band's demo CD. Of course, I took it home.

Honestly I never really got the chance to listen to it. Checking on their webpage was a lot easier and so I did.

All I needed was the band's name, a URL, and some contact infos and it's all there in their CD jacket. And so I had my headphones clamped to my head and got stuck there for hours listening...

The tracks I dig are "Dolores", "Prom Night", "Don't Be So Sad", and my personal favorite "A Simple Song".

Impressive. Really impressive. Obviously there is still a lot of polishing to do but the songwriting's way above what I've expected. These kids know what they're doing.

A new found hero perhaps? A band that could save the day? Could they be the next big thing - the new fateful from Cebu's music scene (as if it's dying but you know what I'm talking about).

In my music book, Rescue A Hero doesn't need saving at all. If anything, they need gigs. They need more fans to convert and breed more fans.

Their music deserves a bigger audience.

Oh by the way ladies... these kids are good looking too.

Let's give them a big hand shall we?

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PALOT said...

hmmm.. good looking kids. :D

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