Thursday, October 16, 2008

Live, Love, and Leave A Legacy

This philosophy. This guiding principle. This line from a book by Stephen Covey recurs in the very pits of my consciousness and sub-consciousness.

When asked more than many times about my goals, my drawing board goes back to work just to check if I'm still in my trail. And I cannot help but realize how interesting this question is to me.

For one thing, it makes my world stop and think... what have I done so far that made people smile, laugh, get inspired - especially those that I most care about. And what are the things that I haven't done yet?

Life is short they say... yet many worry too much about cholesterol, politics, U.S. economy, etc. It's not to say that I don't worry about these things. I do. But at the same time I also make an extra effort to remind myself that the world is full of people and experts that are assigned to do specific jobs for each and every one of us - and many of them do it well.

It's okay if these professionals make mistakes. We all do. It's a necessary evil. People sometimes have to fall so they will learn how to stand up better next time. We all live to get things done for everyone's benefit and for ourselves as well.

Worry less and live more.

And love? As frequent as it is said, used, and promised, is it really that simple to understand? I'm no love guru... but I think it is - unless one doesn't keep any faith.

Love can be simple yet complex... like water. Friendly yet dangerous when there's massive supply of it. I think perhaps its complexity lies in the understanding between the flesh and the soul.

Both worlds must "talk" so that a man's heart can "walk".

At the end of the day, we find ourselves old... we turned 65 and we look back. When that time comes, I hope to say to myself "I have enjoyed my life as how I wanted it. I have done a lot of wonderful and outrageous things. I have inspired people to walk the talk...".

I hope to leave a legacy by inspiring as many people as I can reach out... to as many people who are willing to listen as well. I too am human and is doing my best to lend an ear - and surprisingly it's not that easy. But this too is a challenge worth remembering at the age of 65, don't you think?


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