Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Seth...

I've always enjoyed your didactic opinions, rants, and insights that I never failed to read each and every blog you post. I have to say though that some long entries tend to get (let's say) very challenging for me to digest.

Today, I'd like to rave on your recent blog "The cycle of customers who care", particularly the way you said this (and I quote):

"Those in the mass market choose to be the mass market because they're too busy or distracted or bored to be the innovators and the geeks. They don't care enough to be on the edge."

I am a musician, songwriter, and producer (not the financially stable type yet though) and what came to mind upon reading this is the record companies and those in the industry that helped to mold them. The labels in my country continuously failed to explore until the new mold of independent bands thriving without them labels. Independent bands that care only to their fans, how many people could love their music, and putting the album sales as just a bonus option.

Today, many of the local independent bands made their own success stories. They have emotionally moved small yet strong communities efficiently. And what's more interesting is that these bands are really good listeners and explorers.

Thanks for the affirmation, Seth.

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Wiktoria Miki said...

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maybe flow to flow

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