Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A message from Gary Granada (and good news for Cebuanos)

Text exchange dated Jul 8, 2012 9:37AM

Me: Bai may I post the entirety of your email sa ako blog?

GG: Sure sure!

Me: Thank you

GG: Salamatsab!

So here it is. Mr. Gary Granada's message to all Cebuanos (and tourists local and foreign) sent to my email on Jul 5, Thu:

Maayung adlaw mga kauban ug higala!

I am elated to announce that after 40 years, I have finally finished the album GYUD, a one-hour 20-piece piano-and-voice "concise anthology" of timeless Cebuano musical masterpieces. Forty years because it has been my dream project since high school - to one day sing the songs I knew from childhood myself. Consumatum est!

GYUD (which means "indeed", the most-often used Cebuano expression) is a family-builder (now you know the songs of your lolas and lolos) and a community/nation-builder (these incredible songs speak of an incredibly eloquent people!) in one painless dose. That is why we believe every Cebuano home should have a copy of it.

It is also fortuitous that GYUD (me with pianist Val Villanueva) will be rendering a piece in the First Philippine Pop Music Festival on July 14 (slightly delayed telecast over ABC 5). That piece is actually my contest piece entitled "Minsa'y Isang Bansa" and it will be the first time that GYUD will be introduced to the public on national television. (Sneak a peek of all 14 entries here:

To give you an idea how GYUD looks, here's a pretty sight hehe:

GYUD also understands that culture does not thrive in a vacuum but in a social/historical setting, so when I say "kanta nato ni bay!" (this is our song), I am saying it in exactly the same fervor I am saying "this is our nation, this is our community, this is our forest, this is our sea - we shall decide how things shall be."

It would be an honor if you consider inviting GYUD to team up with you in your campaigns for good governance, people's rights, sustainable agriculture, dignity of labor and such themes, or plain do-good community projects in your parish, school or workplace. And we'd be just as eager to be part of your special events, fundraisers and inspirational/evangelistic gatherings.

Let's work out something. Please email Tutzie Porras of Chridus Multimedia (GYUD's label and publisher) thru and You may also reach her thru #09999945947. Salamat sangatanan, and we would appreciate it greatly if you let your Cebuano friends know about this.

Gary Granada.

You may also get copies of the album from:

Richard Romorosa (Manila) 09209829607
Vimvim Santos (Manila) 09062699157
Ian Zafra (Cebu) 09177110671
Audrey Tomada of Halad Museum (Cebu) 09399177235; (Cebu landline) 2682579
Patrick Music Studio (Davao) 09225555678/09187040445; (Davao landline) 3008920

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