Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet Mr. (KT) Ang

Mr. KT Ang of CISAC (photo by
Artist Ko member Clarence Mongado)
He is the Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific of the Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d´Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC) or the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies. CISAC is the international collective management society that binds all territorial public performance rights in a "standard" platform.

That's pretty serious huh? Nosebleed? That's fine. I suppose that's normal. I didn't get this at first too. But if one is very much acquainted with how the industry of music works, particularly on the field of public performance licensing, one would understand that he's got one of the coolest job in the world.

In Artist Ko's recent FILSCAP forum called "Music In Your Business", KT dissected the value of music, aside from just enjoying it, as a subliminal tool in businesses.

He, paired with his animated antics, explained :
  • Milk yield of cows is increased when ‘calming’ music is played in the milking parlour
  • Study by Anne Savan found that when Mozart was played during science lessons, children, whose behaviour was normally very disruptive, demonstrated improved concentration.  Pulse rate, blood pressure & temperature were reduced significantly
  • Classical music used with great success in Montreal to dissuade young people from ‘hanging around’ in the underground
  • 20-year German study on 90,000 patients revealed that music had the effect of reducing drug dosages by as much as 50%
  • Researchers have found that music affects people, animals & plants in many ways
  • Stanford University’s School of Medicine found that listening to music might help to sharpen the ability to anticipate events & sustain focus (published in 2007 Neuron journal)
  • Finnish researchers have found that music could help aid cognitive recovery soon after a stroke (published in February 2008 issue of Brain journal)- verbal memory and focused attention improved significantly more in stroke patients who listened to their favorite music several hours daily than in those patients who listened to audio books or nothing at all
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers found that the diameter of the average upper arm blood vessel expanded by 26% when subjects listened to music which they selected as joyful (country); but constricted by 6% when they listened to music that made them feel anxious (heavy metal)
  • Studies by Brunel University in England found that certain music deemed motivational can enhance a recreational athlete’s endurance, by up to 15% and increase pleasure while exercising
Wish you were there.


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