Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An invitation to talk about Artist Ko in Singapore

On Oct 6, early morning, I received a message from my mother via mobile phone.  She said ,"Everyday I thank God for giving my children wonderful blessings. But today I ask God one that's specially for you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON! ;)".

Yes she winked with a smile.

I know my mother.  She feels alienated from modern technology more so with digital.  But she sent me a wink and she smiled.  It must've been an effort for her.  I replied ,"Thank you, ma. I love you."

Later that same day, I received a package from the ASEAN-Japan Centre via Overseas Courier Service (OCS).  It was an invitation to participate in the 2nd ASEAN-Japan Forum on the Development of Content Industry : "Creation, Commercialization, and Protection of Digital Contents". I am to speak and represent my country, The Philippines, among neighbors in Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar (excerpt of that letter below).

What can I say? My mother's a wonder woman.

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tmas said...

I know you'll make the Phils and Cebu proud! Go go go! - imong classmate

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