Saturday, January 1, 2011

What to say and what not to say

This is cliche but we all want to start the new year right.  In my self-proclaimed obligation to continuously reset stubborn thinkers, my first blog entry for 2011 are three basic guidelines in communication.

Using the word "problem".
Instead of saying "the problem is..." or "I have a problem with..." and so on, practice using "issue" or "concern".  It gives a better perspective for ease in challenges.  There's a significant impact between saying "the project is problematic and that it's buggy" and "the project still has bug issues."  While the first example gives you that heavy feeling that it cannot be solved, the latter feels like you're getting closer to a solution.

"We are not doing this for the money."
 C'mon.  Get real.  Even charity institutions do things for the money.  Saying this only makes you sound arrogant, funny, and stupid (pardon me for saying this but it's true).  I'd rather believe you when you say, "we're not doing this for profit".  But if you can avoid saying both, better.  Be cautious about what you should say because whether your business is non-profit or not, money is essential for its sustainability.

"I don't expect to get rich with this."
I heard this once and I heard it again so many times.  This is another statement that needs to be corrected.  Getting rich is about getting more than what you need.  Making money is about sustainability.  If you make more than what you need, treat it as a bonus for doing things right.  You deserve it.

Bottomline is don't be defensive about what you do or what you wish to achieve.  Be clear about your goals.  If you need to make money then declare it.  But say it appropriately - this is art too.  Chances are you will get better respect from people around your circle for simply stating clearly what's in your head.

Be honest but don't be angry.


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