Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Midweek Music Plus FAQs

We've updated.  Here it is.

1. What is Midweek Music Plus?
Midweek Music Plus is a derivative project that was originally conceived as Midweek Sessions and launched at the Artist's Dais Music Gallery, Manros Plaza on May 10, 2000.  Its incidental purpose was to sign up local bands in the light of building a community of musicians writing original music.  Its impact inspired and motivated more bands to pursue in the same direction.

2. Who can play at Midweek Music Plus?
Musicians/artists, solo or group, are always welcome at Midweek Music Plus. Just prepare at least 5 original songs.

3. How can my band audition for Midweek Music Plus?
Auditions are not necessary. Artist Ko has a research team to check on bands that are active both offline and online. We watch you gigs and we check your websites.  Simply upload at least 3 original tracks online, post a good band photo, and write a good profile of yourself or your band.  We will contact you.

4. Who to contact?
For now, you may get in touch with us at Facebook.

4. Does Midweek Music Plus have any preferred music genre?
No we don't.

5. Why is Midweek Music Plus advocating more on original music?
We believe that ideas and personal stories are what make things move.  Music being an effective marketing tool in storytelling is a good way to do it because original songs say a lot about you and me.

6. Does my band get paid performing?
Yes we have honorariums for the regular performers. In a bigger picture, Midweek Music Plus is managed by Artist Ko and its members.  Click here for more details about the us.

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