Monday, March 1, 2010

Spelled with an 'M' and an 'S'

Old concept plus curiosity plus questions plus questions plus propositions plus more questions equals proposed solutions.  Creative solutions.

Creativity could mean a lot of things.  Most often it could mean innovative (re)packaging.  Innovative repackaging gets attention.  Attention is good.  It means you did something right.

We are doing something new for Midweek Sessions.  We call it Midweek MuSic Plus.  The 'plus' stands for a merger with other disciplines in the art scene.  It's also about letting these creative people speak.  Let them show and flaunt their works, be it recent or past.  It's about sharing their stories of how they learned to love their craft.

Stripped down, MuSic Plus or 'MuSic +' is really about artists sharing their stories to everyone what they do.  And it's spelled with a capital 'M' and 'S'.

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