Monday, December 7, 2009

The plight of Midweek Sessions

On and off, Midweek Sessions has been around for 9 years now since May 2000.  I'm happy to say that today, this production has partially fulfilled its purpose.  It has somewhat started the trail in unifying a community of songwriters in a small scale - be it band members, solo artists, or simply composers.

In fact, I remember Randy Su saying something about being so delighted to witness how healthy and happy we artists and musicians are at the recent Midweek Sessions Christmas get together (see photo).

If I remember it well, back then, bands were always asked by sponsors to play familiar songs (I sound like a broken CD, don't I?).  "Familiar" is synonymous to Top 40 hit songs.  In other words, cover songs.  To me, it was a shorthand statement for ,"Stop being creative and let's make money fast."

Maybe I was overly and obsessively passionate about making things right that I took a personal rally against this issue.  This included a blind item I wrote titled "Rock 'n' Roll Woes" sometime in November 2001.  It was published in a popular local daily (the article was acknowledged in PG18's CD sleeve).

Yes it was me.  I wrote that.

I apologize for those who got directly offended.  I must also apologize for those who got accused.  I didn't mean to do that to any of you.

Wait.  No.  I don't owe anyone an apology.  It was all for a good cause.  And if I had not done that, the music scene wouldn't be this healthy at all.

Not that I'm being messianic and I'm sure there are those that did their part too.  It was all for a good cause.  I was aware that Cattski was one of those who championed for this cause too.  Then there was Micmic Demeterio, Insoy, Budoy and everybody else who, after all the peaceful plights, survived up to this day in this little and only community of musicians we have.

And so, I thought deep down, it would be a swell time to hold a small Christmas get-together this year for this little midweek gig. Something we haven't done yet and so we did.  Something to be thankful for and return the smiles and laughters to those who stayed with us.

Thank you for all those who came, partied, and laughed with us.  It was a memorable time.  Special thanks to Remugs Fuel of Happy Days for doing a good job and managing the production.

More power to all of us at Midweek Sessions.

More power to our cooperative Artist Ko.

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