Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early Christmas at Midweek Sessions

Dec. 2 is the last first Wednesday of 2009.  And for that, we at Midweek Sessions decided to enjoy this moment with gift giving and a little conspiracy of love, peace, and of course rock 'n' roll.

The mechanics goes like this:

  1. Tsinelas will set up a table to display gift items.
  2. You pick a tiny rolled paper from a bowl with someone's name in it (you're not allowed to open and read it just yet).
  3. Buy item(s) from Tsinelas worth at least P100 (proceeds of sales will go to Tsinelas' beneficiaries).
  4. The Outpost will provide finger foods for us.
  5. Drinks won't be on the house so we have to buy it (so we can drink at our own pace too).

Ok I'll stop here.

Remugs Fuel of Happy Days will explain the details on the rest of the fun at the venue.   So it's best to see you there.

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