Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Kismet Singles

It's not everyday that musician/artists get the chance to share ideas with visionaries like Ysai Perez (executive producer), and Cattski Espina (22 Tango Records label manager/proprietor). The experience of collaborating with these creative people felt more like a privilege.

I am also grateful and proud to have worked with people that helped this project move. Thanks to my bandmates - Jay Young and Marc Nadela, the ballad mates Jude Gitamondoc (the piano man), Miches Bianan, Junel Codilla, and last but not the least Cattski's musicians - Cedric Fernandez and Eimer Tabasa.

Of course I also am thankful for the very important back end people starting with Lucille Umali for the fantastic fuschia pink-ish album cover art; Paul, Mic-mic, and Jad for the great mix downs and masters; and The Outpost people for their patience during the ambush rehearsals having played Kismet over and over and over again (hope it didn't get any of those ears bleed).

I had the most fun with The Kismet Singles this year. This is an album with wonderful and priceless memories. From the time I wrote the lyrics (more than 2 years ago), to its early high pitched chord caught in video, to blogs and reposts and tweets and retweets, the brainstorm sessions, and now with the merch (shirt and journal)... it's amazing to finally see where it's going and how things could work perfectly...



palot said...

really great year for all the artists and musicians! :) im glad to be a part of this project.

Blogger said...

Mabuhi ang mga artist sa Sugbo!

Hope to catch the launching tom!


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