Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking the talk

Many of us humans talk too much about what we want to do.

Habits die very hard I know but the more you talk about quitting without effort, the once lustrous drive can easily wilt. Oh yes, temptation is a devil. When you're unguarded, it eats you up and delivers you powerless. And just when you realize that you've given yourself in, you'd start making up excuses to cover up your failures.

But nobody is to blame. Old habits do die the hardest.

Today I'm celebrating my first year of clean lungs (no offense to those who still smoke). This date is unforgettable, engraved in my head - I was in Camotes island in May 17, 2008 painfully coughing my lungs out like I'd never get fresh air again. It was horrible (and I was annoyingly noisy I know) but I survived.

Cheers! I made it. And today I thought I'd go for a swim and test these lungs out.

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