Monday, May 18, 2009

Cover songs are not evil.

I once had the impression that many in the music circle see me as a person who averts strongly on cover songs. Cover songs aren't really bad. But to me, they just don't sting that long.

I mean I love them radio hits, chart topping tracks or whatever you call it. But I just prefer not play them (not anymore that is). Why should you if you could do it too, sometimes even better... that should be the attitude to fuel up the right stuff and get things started, yes?

Oh and I have to apologize for those who thought I was with a cover band - tried real hard to be an original rock group and pretended that everything was okay. It wasn't okay and I never meant to mislead anyone.

My band collectively were trapped as we got greedy.

But it's a totally different story and a totally different issue.

If I were to cover a song (which I've been doing for so many years by the way), this time I'd go for something that represents you. Something that you can move with... not necessarily something everybody likes but something I can reinvent so you could see through what I'm trying to convey from another perspective.

Cover songs are not bad. They just need to be presented appropriately.

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Michael Anthony Curan said...

hmmm like covering music in church... its better to choose to cover those songs that speaks to you... music that means something, popular or not.:-)

yes, i agree. cover songs are not evil. just need to be done appropriately and sincerely.

but if a band's repertoire consist of all cover songs ,ten that's another story.

remake is better than cover.:-)

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