Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The rock station is back?

There's no official word yet but the rumor is spreading like virus.

I heard this once. I heard this twice. Three times. Four times. Yes. the rock station is back.

Yes, that station.

That station that's supposed to encourage creativity among local bands and provide far better airplay than other radio stations. The latter I agree.

That rock station that's supposed to deliver good rock 'n' roll at its finest.

That same rock station whose boss discouraged the promotion of original songs at the early heydays of Midweek Sessions... "because the people are not ready yet", that boss said.

Wow! What a piece of advice. Who sets the standards anyway? Oh well past is past and all is forgiven. Midweek Sessions insisted and persisted.

If the rumor is true, I just hope that the new management will be more receptive to new ideas and options. I hope this time, the home of new rock have learned to finally walk its talk. Of course it's business. And so is the tagline.

I'm still hopeful that this promise may not end as just another facade of false hopes. Here's to good music!

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Michael Anthony Curan said...

what scares me is if they'll play same nickelback and coldplay the whole day...

NU Manila managed to insert a few good rock bands in their playlist (TV On The Radio, Fleet Foxes, Metric, The Decemberist,black Browes, Mastodon, Jars of Clay)but after a week or so, it's gone.

and only those mainstream bands remain...

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