Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think BIG, start small : POP goes 3

Neil Quisaba would share his vision over sticks of cigarettes down the driveway in the previous building where we used to work together.

Describing his dream - an exhibit for the benefit of his fellow vector artists' and their finest works, he would name his brainchild Perfect On Paper. The name was later shortened to P.O.P., perhaps to imply modern yet simple and popularly accepted visual ideas.

That was three years ago and I must admit I still feel guilty that I only went days late, missing its debut at Turtle's Nest. And so I didn't get the experience right. I missed its 2nd run last year too.

Not this year. I just cannot fail my promise to good friend Neil anymore.

And so, three years after P.O.P.'s conception (and a year of my quit-smoking-plight) I came to rediscover how much I've missed in the past P.O.P.(s). Neil, congratulations! I've always had so much faith in your undertakings. You've come a long way and will still go where your heart will take you.

To Tschai, I love the journals and postcards. To the artists, congratulations. You all did a really great job.

Cheers ninyo tanan!


g0vinda said...

this is yet the best POP! hooray! :D

muttley said...

YAY! salamat bai :D

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