Friday, February 27, 2009

About believing that something you do is special

Midweek Sessions' been around for 9 years now. Perhaps to some, it may seem like just an average club gig... even too ordinary for them to care. Small time production they call it. Maybe it is.

But then again maybe it isn't.

Mr. Ping, the Chinese goose noodle expert in the movie Kung Fu Panda revealed that the secret ingredient of the Secret Ingredient Soup was "nothing" yet it was special because he believed it was meant to be that way.

Sam believes that TLC is the only ingredient that makes her recipes work.

Entrepreneurs succeed because they believe their ideas can deliver a positive change in the community for the community.

Boats float, planes fly, and man landed on the moon because somebody believed it's possible.

Midweek Sessions too has a little secret ingredient. Its love for ideas. Its advocacy for original music. It's passion to inspire. This effort sustained. And believing more in it makes this believing a little more special, don't you think?

Midweek Sessions is not just an ordinary gig. I believe it's a special one.

1 comment:

onlyvic said...

it is more than just a gig :)

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