Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Make Ourselves Unhappy Just For The Sport Of It

How can this be so true?

Amidst all the blessings the United States have - God bless America. Amidst the financial wealth Americans enjoyed for decades. Amidst the political power they have controlled overseas. The Americans still managed to complain.

Seth Godin's latest blog entry, simplifies the analogy behind this seemingly perennial dilemma. "We make ourselves unhappy just for the sport of it," he said. And the marketers see this as an opportunity to feed their intellectual fancies.

Nothing wrong with that. It's their job.

It's just that there will always be effects made from our causes. There will always be results of karmic obligations behind everything that humans do.

At the end of the day, man rationalizes when things go wrong. He gets even with himself by saying "everything happens for a reason."

Americans must learn not to complain... I hope it's not too late for that.

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