Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Spilling Of My Heart : Still's Sophomore Offering

What took these guys so long? It's about time.

Well, it's either I've been deprived and became extremely out of the loop or things have just been really quiet in my small den these days. But let me say this... Still did a very impressive performance in Midweek Sessions last April 2008.

"Maayoha sa Still no?" ingon pa sa akong kauban sa trabaho.

I heard and I understand that this Christian rock group is not doing music for a living - music for music's sake as how Wilson Yu would say it to me once. It works for them. It works for many bands too.

I do admire high spirited folks who are like that.

Congratulations guys. I suppose the delay of this long awaited album should be worth the wait. I have yet to listen to the album and thank you for staying in the scene...

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