Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diss A Band Or Kiss A Band?

A good friend suggested that I should write something that makes people react more. Particularly about bands that I don't like. Bands to diss and piss.

The keyword used was "reaction".


Well for one thing, I view reaction as a negative word. When a person is sick and takes a medicine, his/her body reacts to the drug in the form of allergies for example.

The positive counterpart is called response. The body heals hence the pill responded, doing what it's supposed to do.

I must admit that I am very often tempted to write about bands that I wish had never existed. But then again I believe it's wiser instead to talk about bands that I look up to or bands that have high potential.

In as much as I want to diss bands, I don't think I have that privilege. And simply because praises and admiration can do better for them.

Dissing bands can only make enemies and in the end puts "dissers" in a bad light.

So I said to my good friend, "If I didn't write about a band, it means I haven't heard of them yet."

I prefer to kiss. It brings positive feedback and responses that could inspire more bands.

He responded... with a laugh.

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